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Reaching out the poor and afflicted

Healing hearts Center is non profit organization, the workers is a born again Christian believer of Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ blesses  all the children

The love of the father Almighty  Yahweh, is so great  towards everybody, that God sent His son Jesus Christ to saved mankind and redeemed from the eternal death.

Healing hearts center  reaching out the poor ones  we reaching out the poorest to the poor particularly Philippines and the country of India.

We reaching  widows,orphans and  poor children who really needs helps.

The word of God says:

‘‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.’’ (James 1:27)

Our mainly goal:

Giving them foods to the hungry and thirsty.

Clothes  them and  give a temporary place to stay .

To go out to the whole world and preach  the gospel  of repentance and the  salvation of Jesus.What Jesus done for us on the cross and how to have personal relationship with Jesus.

Life is not only  the matter of food  or having a good life,there is so much more and that is,where we gonna spend eternity after we leaving  in this earth.

There is so much more to do while we have a chance ,while we were still here in this temporary life in this world and  there is God’s  commandment for us all  to love God above all and to love neighbor as   ourselves. 

The life of Jesus while was here on earth before His  death  crucification,He came to help and ministers  neighbors .He loved us so much .He gave His life that we might be saved and live together with Him for eternity .He demonstrate His works til the end of his stay on earth that we might do and continue what God has started to reached out to the lost .

 God bless!

Healing Hearts Center

Reaching out the poor and afflicted