God is real

As long as I live, I will not forget the Lord Jesus Christ’s face .

God is real.

God Almighty Yahweh ,the Maker of Heaven and Earth and all the people. The eternal God who sent Jesus Christ into this world as a Savior of all the people.

Jesus Christ, He is a person not a religion. He is a living son of God.

I start knowing and searching God day by day I ,spending time with the Lord , reading His word, meditating, and talk to God in natural way as He just beside me always conversation with Him as act of prayers. Prayer is talking to God. I Make Him my best friend.

After my journey of seeking God,

2017 on January I have seen the Lord in an open visions ,I was in my bed awake. Praying, suddenly I saw a bright light cover the whole roof inside my bed room and there I saw Jesus Christ beautiful face standing on the sky looking on me . I can’t see the roof anymore ,Iseen white clouds with  Jesus standing on that clouds on my bed roof .His glory was so bright light . He looks like a man . He is a person .The light is so bright that you can see in clear that He is the light in the darkness night life. One thing I seen clearly His face and His eyes and His white robes that He wore. He wore a whitelong robes  with belt in it and sparkling in red color .

Christ face is so beautiful and He look straight on my eyes. Jesus Christ ,His eyes did not depart on me even a single second. He did not say a word but I understood the message He has for me in a spiritual language .

As I’m looking on Him , I understood that He is Jesus Christ the Lord ,is like I don’t need to ask who He is .His identity clearly known. He is Jesus Christ the Lord .I understood His message. As Like this, I am here always watching you.

Then on the blink on an eye. His gone.The picture and everything in the room became normal again.

I was surprised, I just surprised and said , I’ve seen the Lord Jesus Christ and He is real. I know now, For certainty. Jesus Christ is real, the living son of God and He exists. He was with God the Father Almighty before the creation of this world.

2019 September  I saw Him again the Lord Jesus Christ in a dreamed. I saw the thick skies slowly opened til reached to Heaven. Then Jesus Christ appeared again the scene there in Heaven ,the same face ,the same white robes ,He is like a man,He is in the stairway to Heaven . I saw also children there in Heaven playing on the the stairway wearing a white children robes age between 6-11 age .I looked JesusChrist face , His appearance Full of holiness,pureness and righteousness.The light as I saw there in heaven is normal light seems, there is always white light in heaven God’s kingdom.

For surely Heaven is real .Jesus Christ lives and exist .God is real .There is a home waiting in the kingdom of God for all who are saved ,who became God’s children,who repent and became born again, who became Jesus Christ believers with all the hearts.