Helping the family during the corona time
At Laguna Philippines
The ORPHANS KIDS in India ,received foods.
Jesus Christ bless and protects.
poor are in communities manila philippines
Praying the sick ,giving bible and foods who living under the bridge in Manila Philippines
Kids in the province of Leyte Philippines
Sharing the gospel of God.
The Orphans in India, received foods daily.
Giving outs bible for free
The Bible The Holy word of God.

They received bibles for free.
It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'” Matthew 4:4
Barangay Sto.nino Baybay Leyte Philippines feeding day
The main food is rice in the Country Philippines. Rice with egg,or rice with meat,rice with vegetables,rice with sea foods and so on.
People Standing in line,waiting for the rice and bread(the main food in the country is rice.)
A piece of bread given from the heart is counted there in heaven God`s kingdom.
These poor ones living under the bridge in Manila Philippines.

Giving foods to the children and widows in India
God says , takecare widows , help widows in their troubles. Unfortunately,
many widows in India are abandoned and neglected by their own children, families and the societies due to their supertitios.

Old widows in India

If you to like to extend your help to this program healing hearts, giving’s foods to the hungry you can contact me through emails and mobile phone

Evangeline Hebæk

Mobile Norway 47620194